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My beginnings

I have been feeling the urge (okay, maybe the blatant pushing) from God to share my story. I never thought my story was all that interesting, but I am trying to be obedient, so here it goes.

I was the second born into a nuclear family, bringing with me the end of my mother's career as a special education teacher. She had me less than two years after my brother, so I can imagine even before I really became a handful, it was all too much. My father always said that he was blessed to be able to provide for our family so that my mother didn't have to work. I definitely felt blessed by the time I got to spend with my mother, day in and day out. She was there for class field trips. She was my girl scout leader. She carted me around to ballet classes, soccer practices, gymnastics, name it. Whatever I wanted to do, she was there to help me achieve it. I remember looking admirably at my mother, who was always busy with one thing or another, wondering how she did it all. She…

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