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Orchestrating Flow

God has an amazing way of taking my ordinary life and what would appear to be ordinary interests and using them to mold me and change me. Sometimes, He orchestrates such beautiful, complex events that naturally link together and it truly blows me away. One of those maneuvers has been in play for the past few months. Let me show you what I mean.

It started with an innocent Facebook, they are really good at their targeted marketing! On a Sunday, I was browsing my Facebook page as I regularly do and was presented an ad for a journal called the Best Self Journal. Why is the Best Self Journal a great targeted ad for someone like me? Well, let's just say I'm regularly described by my organization and planning attributes and am a self professed self-help, leadership development and learning junkie! Here was something telling me I could become my BEST SELF just by using this simple journal, which, judging by this excellent marketing video, could easily be adopted into my li…

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