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Facing uncertainty like a child

Almost a month ago, when we started planning my eldest son's birthday, my daughter (who is our eldest) immediately started quizzing her younger brother on what the theme would be and what kind of cake she could make for him.

We have a baker on our hands. This is dangerous for a food-lover like me, but that's a story for another time.

The weeks passed by and my daughter continued to insist that she was going to be making my son's Star Wars cake. Fast forward to this past Monday when she informed me that she would be needing fondant because that's what the cake called for. She's never used fondant and didn't even know where she could find it. I raised my eyebrows and asked her what kind of cake she was going to make. She matter of factly told me that she'd be making the Death Star. With eyebrows, raised, I said, "Really?"

You see, THIS is what the Death Star looks like. It's a three dimensional sphere. I tried to hide my skepticism while listenin…

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